TRACK DETAILS- Color Corrections

Well, I have been experimenting with the stain and ballast.   I tried sanding down the dark finish on the ties to start with a more neutral color.  Next, I tried a mixture of Dr. Martins sepia ink with 71% IPA.  The resulting stain did a good job of adding the brown highlights to the ties.

new ballast

I added a new layer of ballast with real dirt added.

new tie and ballast

8 thoughts on “TRACK DETAILS- Color Corrections

  1. Gene:
    For years local rail lines utilized limestone from local quarries for ballast.The drawback to this was it produced dust from being working up and down by train movements.They now utilize trap rock I believe comes from West Virginia. We used it at our museum when we laid our track and 24 years later, it still looks great. I have chosen to use this on my layout. If you would like a sample of what I am using, I will send you one.

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  3. The ties look great Gene. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to add a warm color to my ties. I’ve been painting, then sanding then staining with black shoe dye and alcohol, but it comes out either too dark or too black and white, without the brownish hues I want. I’m going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    Greg Amer

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