Soo 201

A week or so ago I wrote about the challenges of getting custom decals done. I took my son’s suggestion and contacted Highball Graphics about doing a decal set. Highball uses a Kodak First Check Printer. It was made by ALPS for Kodak.

Jim contacted me promptly and had already did a test to see if he could mix an ink that was close to PMS-120.  I was looking to do PMS-121 but decided to go a bit softer and chose PMS-120.    Jim was given the go-ahead and produced the needed sets in approximately a week.   Wow!  That was a surprise.

soo decal set

The set was well printed and the color looks very close to PMS-120.   I am not sure if I might have gone a bit light on color.   I need to get a read from a Soo expert on the color.  He had described the Soo lettering color as a cream rather than a yellow.   I tried photographing a test panel of the lettering on maroon and black.  My Motorola Droid camera didn’t capture the subtlety of the cream color very well.  The decal seems to be opaque and didn’t shift green from the black paint.

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