CIL Monon 37AAR

I was going through my collection of decals the other day and realized that I probably had many more than I will ever need. Sounds like eBay will get some contributions to their bottom line.
The “collection” got me thinking about developing a bucket list of projects that I want to do before…… I started to compile a list of car projects along with the layout that I am building and all of the things that implies.

box MP 30943 1934AAR 1957

The classic 1932 ARA boxcar is in the works as a set of patterns for a commercial kit.   Every railroad will need a few of these very common cars.

B-50-15 14721

I still have a few of the old kit I did for Chooch.  Protocraft did a new set of decals for the Overnight scheme as shown in the photo above.

B&O M-53

I have a Weaver B&O wagontop stored away awaiting time to do a modification to the import to more accurately depicts the prototype door and Duryea underframe.

C&IM 8198

I want to build this Mather Patent C&IM boxcar.

C&NW 65114

This rebuilt USRA boxcar is on my list of projects.

CDLX 335 (6) IS

This California Dispatch six compartment wine car is an interesting challenge.  Most of the wine cars were built  by General American rather than AC&F like the above car.

AOX 1001

I plan to build this STC tank car with Associated Oil marking.    Southern Car & Foundry has talked about releasing a kit for this car.   I also have a Lionel Type-21 tank car that will be rebuilt into a Type-25 like the one shown below.

Type 25 AOX

CG door half Van

This is on my list of 1937 AAR boxcars along with a bunch of other steel cars.

M&W 1291 '54

Oh yes, I can’t pass up on this Mather car.   In fact, I am building this car currently.  It has been a challenge since there are no published plans but a number of good photos.  Protocraft has released a new set of decals for this 10′ interior height version along with the shorter 8’7″ version.

There are more cars that need to be done.   Not sure which cars will get done.   I will add to the list as time goes on.


11 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST!

  1. Gene, I need to build several of the USRA rebuilt box cars like the C&NW(65114). Will these become a kit? If not please share how you build these!

      • Gene,
        Thanks for the response and I look fwd to your article! Please move it up on your bucket list!

      • Gene,
        can you tell me what will you use as the base model to start this project? This way I can start collecting a few myself!

      • Fred
        I am not using a base model. I did a 5/5/5 Murphy end pattern. I need to a side pattern as well as the underframe. Failing that, I will make sides and underframe.

  2. Gene, I’m very interested in the USRA rebuilt box cars! Like the C&NW(65114). Will this car become a kit? If not please share how you build this car! I need at least 6-10 cars for my A&D! thanks Fred Mullins

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  4. you say lionel does a type 21 tank, didn’t know that. any suggestions on what is or isn’t accurate that should be modified?

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