LAYOUT PLANNING- More Structures

As a follow up to my last blog, I have a few more examples of decent industries that justify rail service.

Feed mills are common in the railroad scene during the steam/diesel era.   They came in all sizes and shapes.  Many of them have a wonderful collection of pipes and dust collectors on the roofs.

Mayville Milling Nov 1973 1

The above mill was in Mayville, North Dakota on a Great Northern branch.   The building is sheathed with faux brick to protect the structure.

MP 45073

Some seed and feed dealers are simple warehouses with wood siding.   This photo was interesting because it was taken in the early ’50s and that is an original USRA double sheathed boxcar.

Lodi 1936 Earl Fruit

This 1936 aerial view of Lodi, CA shows a good sized packing house.  The building survived until a couple years ago so there was ample opportunity to collect information on this large structure.   The beauty of this building is that it can be built against a wall and not take up too much space.


The building was sheathed with faux brick made from steel.   The lettering looks gray in the later pictures.   The picture taken by the late Gene Martin in the 1960s reveals that it was red with a black outline.    The front is rather interesting in the use of stucco and tile on the canopy.

lodi EarlSide

Earl Fruit Lodi  LR

These are a few examples of the type of industries that are being considered for my layout.

8 thoughts on “LAYOUT PLANNING- More Structures

  1. The Earl Packing is a great looking building and I think it would be a good choice for a backdrop building. I have had good success with making buildings 2/3 the real size and still capturing the look and feel of it. At least you have some good photos to go off of. If there is any reference points still left from the original building I have been using Google maps measure feature to get the dimensions of the buildings. I find this portion of layout building the most interesting, making your scene look like the original.

  2. Gene – Love that MP double-sheathed boxcar! Also, how fortunate that Mark apparently loves to model structures! A.T.

    • A.T. The MP kept a few of these gems around until the early 1950s. Mark has built some very nice modern buildings in HO.


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  3. Gene- The trucks on the MP car are real gems. Andrews trucks and ribbed back cast iron wheel sets right out of the past. Ted Schnepf’s Lehigh Valley car appears to be a close match to this car. I model this era and his car is a must. Charley

  4. A wood grain elevator (or wood construction covered with iron sheets) would also fit in your space. Relatively small foot print and can be used as a flat against the wall.

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