There is a style of home that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been called the California Bungalow. The homes were largely made from wood and were small by modern standards. I number that I have looked at were less than 1,000 square feet. California Bungalow designs were copied, modified and built all over the US and even in Australia.

long beach

I did some digging in the files and found the Columbia Valley bungalow package.  The kit was based upon a set of plans that were found in an attic.  The footprint is very small being 20′ by 25′.   It probably is too small but it could be expanded a bit without loosing the design.

CV cottage 1 CV cottage 2

The search continues for a couple of designs that really grab me.  Meanwhile, I will mock up of few homes to see how they will fit in the area on the layout.  I will built them from Bristol Board to test the size and design in the planned scene.


9 thoughts on “LAYOUT PLANNING- Bungalows

  1. There are plenty of California bungalows in the area that I live, Warrnambool Australia. The homes in the photos posted could sneak into town overnight and nobody would notice.
    California Bungalow design is representative of short overhanging eaves and stems from a Japanese building design.

  2. Gene, years ago during the housing boom in California homes similar to these including some having a stucco finish were priced at one million dollars. Would someone actually pay that amount for a house that size?

    • Charlie
      Your original statement was correct if you were thinking of Palo Alto or Los Gatos. The houses were purchased to remodel into something that would have 4X the square footage.
      This was happening in Carmel for years until the village put restrictions on the size of home on small lots.


  3. Gene,
    The house you have pictured is a lot like the one we rented in Austin during my school years. Rectangular, divided into four rooms plus small bathroom between the two bedrooms. Historical restrictions for the area have kept the houses from being bulldozed, so they have been updated and fixed up like your photo with substantial increase in prices.

    • Charlie
      I was looking at a website showing bungalows for sale in the LA area. Some of the fixed up bungalows were going for over $700,000. I suspect location had a lot to do with the price.
      I would guess the same is true in Austin and other cities.


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