I have made a decision to end this blog.

It has been enjoyable to share my experiences and to read the feedback from visitors and followers.  I have learned from your comments.  The hobby is a richer experience when you share with others.   Fellowship is even more important than the models we create.

The existing pages will remain for one more week.

I may go back to blogging in the future once a few things get resolved.




19 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. Good afternoon. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and am sorry to read of it’s end. You’re right about how being a part of a community enriches the hobby. Maintaining a blog does take away from really working on the layout and time invested in the hobby should be directed at a layout. Thanks. Chris Mears Prince Edward Island, Canada


  2. Gene,

    I have enjoyed and learned from your work for a long time. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. I hope circumstances will permit you an opportunity to share your work in the future. Again, thanks.

    Lee Gustafson

  3. Gene,
    I regret the lost of your blog as I live in a waste land of Walther’s HO gauge cornerstone models. The only person close by in P 48 is battling cancer and unable to participate to any meaningful extent. I hope everything goes well for you and look forward to your return at a future time. I do appreciate your completing the patterns for the single sheathed box car as it is on my must have list. Also, I intend to retain your blog address on my favorites list in case you do return. Thank you.


  4. Gene,

    It has been a pleasure reading your blog and seeing your layout under construction in person. I hope that everything comes out for the best and that you might have the time to blog in the future. If you ever need a hand with the layout, please let me know, as you know I am only 30 minutes away. 🙂

    Take care & I hope to see you at O Scale West in February.


    Rod Souza

  5. Hi Gene,
    I hope you can post a layout photo or two later here or perhaps on one of the P48 sites. In any case, we’ll see you at OSW.


  6. Gene,
    So sorry to read this post. Your blog had quickly become one of my favorites.
    A blog can be a great way to share information and ideas. But it comes at a price, that’s usually time and energy away from modeling. I wish you the best.

    You are an inspiration! With your thoughts and your modeling.

    If you ever need a place to post some thoughts or any images of your projects, you are always welcome to be a guest blogger on my site.

    George Losse

      • Gene,
        You are always welcome to post images, thoughts or anything you like on my blog.
        Your modeling has been an inspiration to me ever since I first read your article in MR on building the Erie Covered Hopper and it continues to be so to this day.


  7. Gene, creativity is the human resource at any age or transitional pause.
    Sharing one’s creativity is one of the ultimate humanistic gifts.
    It has always been a pleasure learning and growing through your model railroading experience and clearly expressed thoughts.
    Thank you so much.
    Will miss your blog.
    Wishing you the best journey to the next phase, where ever that may be.
    Pierre Marki

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