Blog going to Standby Mode

test pattern

I have decided not to trash the existing blog but leave it intact until I can get back to it.   It may be a while before regular programming resumes but in the meanwhile you can study the posted test panel.

Blog followers will receive a message indicating that a new blog posting is available.

Thanks for your support and comments,



6 thoughts on “Blog going to Standby Mode

  1. Add my thanks to the above. Recently I learned of a P48 group in nearby MI and have been in contact with them. I plan to be with them at the Indianapolis meet next September to help set up their layout. Thanks to you, I have an order in for the MKT box car. Stay well and hope to hear from you when you return. Charley

  2. Gene,
    Glad to see this.
    Take a look at other blogs, there are no rules about how often you have to post. And a blog is not a magazine with a regular publication schedule. Post when you want to, I know I’ll be listening.
    George Losse

  3. Hey Gene, Glad yer gonna keep the blog — . you already do so much with the group & site , that I wholly agree to back off, & play with trains. But could you post a pic once in a while? I’d still be 5 foot wide if not for you . Kindest regards, Jeff Davies

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