COUPLERS- New couplers from San Juan Car Company

New SJCC coupler1

San Juan Car Company has been working on a new automatic coupler based upon the prototype Type-E coupler.   Work was started on the standard gauge Evolution coupler shortly after finishing the narrow gauge Evolution automatic coupler.    After several tries with their Chinese die maker, the coupler is done and in the country.  The coupler is very similar to their working AAR Type-E coupler.   The dimensions are nearly identical except for a scale inch and a half shorter in height.   The shank has the same mounting hole and spring-plastic centering.   It will fit in the same draft gear as the old San Juan coupler.

SSJC side by side

The picture shown above compares the original versus the new automatic coupler.   The size and appearance is very similar in as you can see.

SJCC New versus original

The frontal view of both coupler shows the automatic coupler has a longer knuckle with a slight hook on the inside.   The two couplers are capable of coupling and uncoupling with a minimum of effort.  I snipped the long steel wire off on a coupler to see how it would look compared to the old coupler.

SJCC Compare


SJ installed

There will another new working Type-E coupler expected in the country very soon.   It is made of brass and comes prefinished.  I will post a blog once it comes in.

You will some real choices to make when it comes to scale couplers.   We are living in a wonderful time when it comes to modeling in 1/4″ scale.



3 thoughts on “COUPLERS- New couplers from San Juan Car Company

  1. Gene:
    I have ordered one of the kits described in your November 8th blog. The standard cut lever type will be an ideal one to finish off this unit.


  2. Gene,
    Great post!
    I can’t wait to try these couplers myself. They look great!

    I hope San Juan lists them on their site soon.

    George Losse

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