COUPLERS- Protocraft Type-E


Protocraft has received their production run of an entirely new working coupler. It is very similar to their previous Clouser couplers. The new coupler is based upon an actual Type-E according to Protocraft. The design was done in the US in CAD and sent to Boo Rim in Korea for tooling and production.
The new coupler comes fully assembled and ready for installation. The parts are treated with a chemical blackening agent rather than paint. The bottom operate function is installed with a wire trip that connects to a pre-bent “cut” lever. Protocraft packages the coupler with mounting screws, plastic draft gear and centering spring.


I was fortunate to obtain a pair of the preproduction couplers from Protocraft to test and fit to a model.   The coupler works very smoothly in terms of the opening and closing.  It will drop the pin when coupled to the new and old Protocraft couplers.  It will also work with the new San Juan automatic.   I like the centering action of the draft gear and the fact that it won’t run out the slack like a Kadee.  The spring with cushion impacts of coupling or sudden stops.


I took a comparison photo to show Protocraft along side the old and new San Juan couplers.   They are all pretty close in size to each other.


We have gone to few choices for couplers to an excellent selection.   Life is good!


2 thoughts on “COUPLERS- Protocraft Type-E

  1. I could never get the Protocraft coupler KITS to work reliably. It was not a problem with the kits, but with my ability to assemble them. So it’s fantastic news that these are now available as a drop-in product. Life is indeed good!

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