DETAILS- A Useful Part

I received a little box from the Irish Tracklayer.   John Houlihan has been developing a number of new parts using 3D CAD and RP printing.  The latest part is a resin joiner plate for use on both end of a frog casting.  The casting provides an insulated connection for Code 125/148 rail and frogs.   This is a very useful part that speeds turnout construction and keeps the gaps from closing when the rail expands in hot weather.  There are twelve joiner bars on a sprue for $15.  The part number is PI-210.

insulated joiner

The frosted resin is fairly strong but can’t be under tension.  A close examination of the parts show some artifacts of the process resolution such as stepping of sloped surfaces.   Keep in mind, that once this part is painted and installed on the layout the surface artifacts won’t show.


The tab in the center can be trimmed flush once the joiner is installed.   I recommend you look into this new item.

You can buy direct from John at the address below:

Irish Tracklayer
2682 West Palo Alto Ave
Fresno, CA 93711-1107

Amazon still lists Irish Tracklayer parts via their website.   Irish Tracklayer is building a new website separate from Amazon. I don’t know the timing of the website launch but in the interim you can contact John directly.


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