The Sierra foothills are rich with history dating back to the late 1800s.  The discovery of gold in Coloma brought thousands to the foothills looking to find their treasure.  One of the settlements that grew up around the miners and their quest was Mokelumne Hill.  It was found in 1848 and rapidly grew to a population of nearly 15,000.  Now days, there are less than 700 people living there.

 mokelumne hill9

When  you enter the village you are greeted with palms and pines along with old brick buildings.   Some of the buildings are nothing more than a front wall and no windows or doors.

mokelumne hill6

Other buildings are full of character and beg to be modeled.   I found this house still occupied and looking like the paint might be holding it together.

mokelumne hill 8

mokelumne hill7

Mokelumne Hill never was served by a railroad but likely the local stage and later autos and trucks.   The buildings and their setting provide lots of ideas to create your own gold rush building.

Living very near to the gold mining towns allows me to explore in an hour or two driving.  I will share pictures of other towns in the Sierras.   It has been a favorite place of mine for over forty years.

2 thoughts on “STRUCTURES- Old Towns

  1. Great article
    I’ve only been to the south Sierra and white mountains area once and followed the old espresso line. but had biggest thrill of driving west from Death Valley at night and discovered the phosphorescent valleys inthe region
    Now they would be a modelling challenge!

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