SUPER BOOK- Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing -Volume III

cover v3

Gordon Gravett’s third book is by far the best of the series.   It covers the basic ground cover, roads, rivers and details.   Mr. Gravett goes into some detail with each area of scene construction.   He shows a number of in-process steps and lists the materials used.  Some of the materials are unique to England but local sources can be found for many of the items.

mud v3

Mr. Gravett has produced some of the best looking dirt and mud roads.   His technique looks pretty straight forward.  It will take some practice to get the techniques down.   He shows how to construct puddles using microscope slide covers embedded in the mud.  A novel approach but very realistic.

river v3

If you are contemplating any scenery work, you should invest in this book and read it.  It will help you create a more realistic scene for your railroad.

7 thoughts on “SUPER BOOK- Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing -Volume III

  1. I second this. Have also a look a Mr. Gravett’s books 7mm Modeling pt. 1 and 2. Great 0 scale modelling stuff.

  2. Hi Gene, Would like a copy of this book…Where or how can I purchase it? Chapters/Barnes and Noble weren’t able to help me Thanks. Monte Reeves

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