BACKDROP- A Lucky Find

I started to install my layout backdrop and found it difficult.    Reaching across the benchwork to hang the sheet styrene required me to stand on a small step.   It wasn’t all that stable for me.


We visited Costco today to pick up a few things and discovered a real useful item that might just make it easier to reach above the layout or to the back to install scenery.   They had a nifty small platform that is 36″ long and 19″ high.   The legs fold to allow for easy storage.   It turned out to be perfect for working above and on top of the benchwork.


The platform sells for $69.95 and is available in the warehouse stores only.   As with many Costco items, they are here today and gone tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “BACKDROP- A Lucky Find

  1. No Costco here at the beach so can you please provide brand name and part number for the platform? Looks like it will be perfect for several phases of layout construction.

    BTW today is the first day of my retired life!

  2. Gene and Bill,
    I needed one a bit higher, so mine is built using two shortened saw hoses and a pair of 2X8 planks. I suspect my track base is somewhat higher than yours , Gene.
    Bill, congratulations on reaching your new milestone. I look forward to your own blog as you finally get to create your own railroad.

    • Ben
      Thank you. I am one year into full retirement and hammering away in the garage.
      The 19″ height is fine for me since I am 76″ tall.


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