NEW DETAILS- GP-7 Stanchion Castings

photo by Jim Zwernemann

photo by Jim Zwernemann

Photo by Jim Zwernemann

Photo by Jim Zwernemann

Glacier Park Models has produced a new set of castings that will allow a modeler to build up an accurate scale handrail assembly for the sides and ends.

There are several brass handrail sets that are available.  They suffer from two problems.  Brass castings have a tendency to bend easily so it is difficult to keep them straight.  Second, the stanchion and railing are oversized.   A scale post should be .024″ in diameter.  The Glacier Park address both these problems.

HR casting set

Each Glacier Park stanchion set consists of 33 top and bottom castings.  There are 32 posts on a EMD GP-7.  The casting set sells for $35 plus tax and shipping.

Contact Glacier Park Models via email   You can call them using the number listed on their website.

HR stanch assembled

The post and railing is made from .024″ brass wire.  Once assembled, the railing is very sturdy.   These should provide a more accurate looking GP-7 or early GP-9 diesel.   The castings can be used for SD-7 as well.

HR stanch view

Can’t wait to start hacking on a Red Caboose body.

Photo by RW Leach

Photo by RW Leach

SP 5316 builder shot


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