PART 2a: Lionel Type-21 Tank Car


I decided to try to build a new underframe and change the design.   After looking at the drawings, I realized that I left off some key details and had not accounted for the installation of the AB brake system.   In addition, I wanted to use the Protocraft magnetic coupler.  I have posted the below photo showing the coupler pocket and diagonal braces on the frame.

new underframe compare

The frame on the right is new version.  The old frame suffered some damage as a result of trying to drill the bushing hole deeper.  The center channel bent.  I tried replacing them but they looked like hell so off to the round file.

New Underframe

I replicated the inside of the Protocraft draft gear using some Evergreen styrene tube and a few blocks of styrene.  I am going to grind the shank a bit to allow a little more swing.   Scale width centersill do pose a few minor problems with couplers.   It is worth the trouble when you see the end result.

from collection of Bruce Blalock

from collection of Bruce Blalock

Now that we are back on track, the next installment will finish the underframe.

Remember, “Just Do It”


4 thoughts on “PART 2a: Lionel Type-21 Tank Car

  1. Gene,
    It’s really very kind of you to go to the trouble of picturing and commenting on this most splendid project. Your choice of prototype will exemplify everything right about 1/4″ AAR, and I look forward to seeing true wheel width and correct journals all plainly visible.
    Many thanks ,
    Jeff Davies

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