PART 2c- Lionel Tank Car

Shell Tank RMJ 2 98 001x

Here is a picture that was published in the now defunct Rail Model Journal.   The late Richard Hendrickson wrote the article that contained this picture.  It shows where the AB brake system was installed.   Rick Leach was kind enough to scan the article and extract the Shell photo.



Protocraft produced the decal set to support a Type-21 and also the Standard Tank Car 10,000 gallon car shown below.   Now all we need is for Southern Car & Foundry to get moving on their STC kit.


Happy Trails,



4 thoughts on “PART 2c- Lionel Tank Car

  1. Gene:
    I obtained a brass tank car similar in many ways to the one shown at Lombard this year. It has the Shell lettering S.C.C.X. 1487 possibly incorrect. I have obtained three 33″sets of P48 wheel sets with blunt axle ends to convert it along with two others. I now need to locate an outside braced box I can letter with the newly available Muncie & Western decals. With Jon’s MKT car I would have two excellent models. I also happened to have three children named, Michael, Kathleen & Thomas. Unable to explain how that happened. Truly enjoy your Blog.


    • Charley
      I am not familiar with the car al Lombard. Shell had cars that encompassed that number. It was an 8,000 gallon ARA III.

      The Muncie & Western cars were made by Mather Car Company. These cars were truly unique in construction. Yoder is planning to import several Mather cars.


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