PART 2d- Lionel Type 21 Tank Car

It has been a busy last few weeks.  I have been able to get a few things accomplished on my tank car project.   There are a few time-consuming details that I worked on.   My plan is to finish these details and shoot a primer-sealer on the car frame so the rivet decals can be applied.

tank end sill details

I have added poling pockets and grab irons to the end channel.   The grab irons were formed from .0125″ phos bronze wire from Tichy.   I like to work with this thin wire.  It is strong and yields a delicate grab iron even after a couple coats of paint were applied.  I used plastic castings to simulate grab iron ends.   They are made from P-B-L in Ukiah, CA.  They are listed as 1 PBL-111.  You get 96 castings for $3.00.

tank side sill

I need to add stirups, brake wheel and retainer valve.   These will be shown in the next installment along with painting and decal rivet application.


After seventeen months of blogging, I took a look at some of my blog statistics.  I was pleased to see that the leading source is also one of the best blogs I have seen.     The leading source of referrals is Trevor Marshall’s Port Rowan blog.

Trevor’s blog is informative and entertaining.   I have learned a lot of layout building from his blog.  Thank you Trevor!



8 thoughts on “PART 2d- Lionel Type 21 Tank Car

  1. Gene,
    This has become a very fascinating project. Also very inspiring. I doubt if I will have time to attempt a similar project, however, with a number of tank cars to build from kits the detail photos are an encouragement to do some enhancing. Thanks for taking the time to shoot photos of your progress. Ben

  2. Gene,
    Great work on the tank car and illustrating detailing procedures which will be useful when I get around to building the Intermountain tank car kits I have laid up. Thanks also for pointing out suppliers from time to time which is so important in this internet era where one makes a lot of purchases with the goods unseen. The PBL grab iron ends are a great example of an obscure (to me) but extremely valuable product to assist in model building.

    However, I must admit that your Lionel tank rebuild reminds of the old fella that used to brag that he only had one axe his entire life although he had replaced the handle and head a couple of times. Sure hope that the tank shell hangs in there.

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