Short Update for 1st of January

I have a couple topics to start the year with.   First is a new (to me) product offered by the Irish Tracklayer.   John Houlihan has come up with a nifty cradle to hold house cars, cabooses and even passenger cars  He refers to it as a “Freight Car Upright Bracket.  It sells for $15 plus postage.   His address is:

Irish Tracklayer, 2682 Palo Alto Avenue, Fresno CA 93711-1107.    His phone is (559) 435-0874.

fc upright bracket

The stand is fabricated from plastic with rubber bumpers to protect details.  I used CA to assemble the feet to the bracket.  You could leave them loose if you like.

fc upright

The design is very functional and provides lots of clearance for brake staffs.    I recommend this item to you.


I made a little progress on the project but a lot less than planned.  Archer rivet decals were applied to the frame and then added etched stainless steel placard made by Plano (now Des Plaines Hobbies).

tank frame ready

2 thoughts on “Short Update for 1st of January

  1. The tank car frame is really looking fine Gene. Spectacular detail!

    John’s Freight Car Bracket looks neat. I have something similar that has the two cradles sliding on a pair of dowel rods. One disadvantage my cradle assembly has is the dowels are long enough to get in the way on the workbench.


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