Part 2f: Tank Car Update

Progress has been slow in coming.  Too many distractions have kept me from the workbench.   As you might remember, I had planned to have the car done by the New Year.  It is now the end of January and I am crawling to the finish line.

tank painted

So here is where I was at the beginning of the week.   The car is painted and ready for decals.  To get to this point, I had to apply the handrails and stanchions on the tank body.  The last time I tried this was on an old narrow gauge tank car the late, Dale Darney sold as a kit.

tank gauge

I had elected to replace the stock dome steps with my version.   The steps are supported by .028″ brass wire that was inserted in the tank body.   I made a simple gage to locate the holes for the brass wire supports.

 tank railing

The railings took some time to bend and install using .028″ wire.  I used Back Shop tank stanchions to support the railing.  A gage was used to mark the location of the stanchions.  Holes were drilled to accept the pins on the brass stanchions.   These parts are very fragile and should not be bent too many times.

tank ladder jig

The ladders were built up from .010″ by .040″ brass and .015″ wire.  I built this simple jig to uniformly twist the stiles and shape them to attach to the railing.  The feet have been drilled to allowing pinning to the running board.

tank decaling

So, this is where I am right now.  I found that the decal sheet needs to be augmented to include data for Type-21 cars.   I found that I had a the needed decals on the MKT tank car set offered by Protocraft.  Once I complete the decal job, I will cite the sources for the decals needed.

partial shell


10 thoughts on “Part 2f: Tank Car Update

  1. If you take Orthodoc Christmas and add 7 days you get pretty close to the end of January if you need a rationale for missing the “deadline”.

    Either way great work.

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