It’s Done!- Lionel Type-21

tank final 1

I am happy to report that the tank car project is done.  Whew!   The final step was to apply a flat lacquer finish.   It has been a struggle at times to keep going on the project.  I kept thinking about my earlier blog on “just do it” and decided that I need to just get it done.   Maybe the famous line from Larry the cable guy is better suited to finishing a project.  Git-R-Done!

tank final2

What’s next?   I think it is time to get back to track work on the layout.

I hope you enjoyed this series of postings on the project.



34 thoughts on “It’s Done!- Lionel Type-21

  1. Hi Gene, ’tis a thing of beauty, that there tank car! I have to say thank you, because your series on this build has been instrumental in giving me a kick up the rear to get busy building something. I ummed and aahhed over whether to use P48 or O(versized everything) standards for a long time, but then I found your blog and saw how practical P48 is. When scratchbuilding cars from plans, which is what I enjoy most, there’s no compromises required so in a way it’s actually easier. Regards, Paul Woods, NZ.

  2. Gene, It looks fantastic. Great work! I am looking forward to seeing what new things you get done on the layout.
    Rod Souza

  3. Gene,
    Thanks for walking us through this great project. I’ll have to get one of the Lionel cars and do likewise.

    Jack Mullen

  4. Gene,
    A long journey with excellent results including your photography. Calling it a Lionel type 21 or even a kit bash is a bit of stretch. Look forward to details of your layout progress.

  5. Gene:
    I believe most of us have experienced the same thing you had. There are a couple of items I need to address and continue to put off, some perhaps as much as a year. My thanks for sharing as well.

  6. Gene,

    I appreciate the fact that you have shared with us some of your “jigs” and “gages” as they are relatively simple, homemade, inexpensive, purpose made tools to resolve alignment problems and to assist in the repetitive manufacturing of scratch built parts. In my humble opinion I think that your approach to these tools warrants a further discussion of them in a future blog. Speaking strictly for myself of course, I would certainly like to peak at what else you might have in your bag of tricks.

    Thank you for taking us through another build – I can hardly wait for the next to begin.

  7. Hi Gene,

    Your tank is gorgeous.

    Question, did you use Sepia on the trucks or something else?

    I like the effect.


    Lee Freeman

    Canyon Lake, CA

    L & L & =^^= =^^= =^^=

  8. Gene,

    Your latest model, the Type 21 tank car, is truly outstanding. You are an excellent example of research, acquired and developing skills and a positive attitude. I observe the attitude component based on your comment “just get it done”. I am guilty of starting a project and encountering some issue or issues which cause the project to stall when in reality I need to redo a portion of the project or accept the compromise(s) and move on and complete the model. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skill and attitude. Proto 48 is more than wheel and track profile. You are an excellent example of what a Proto 48 modeler needs to be.

    Lee Gustafson

    • Lee
      Thank you for your kind words. Finishing is always very hard to do. Having a deadline does help.
      There are a lot of projects on my shelf that suffer from neglect.

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