Tank Car Postscript

This past weekend was the annual O Scale West show in Santa Clara, Cali.  I took my Shell tank car to exhibit. It turned out to be an opportunity to talk to readers of my blog and receive feedback.   The information was useful in planning future postings.  The tank car blog started a mini rush on Lionel tank cars at the show.

Prior to the show, I received an email from John Huber containing pictures of a vintage build of a Thomas Industries tank car kit.  The kit likely dates back to the early 1950s.  Think about that.   A 60+ year old model that holds up well by today’s standards.  I take my hat off to John for reviving this chestnut.

heller thomas 1

heller thomas uf

One of joys of going to shows like OSW is to see Arnold Menke and see his large collection of photos for sale.  I found an interesting photo of a GATC tank sitting on a very AC&F looking frame.  I don’t know the story behind ROX 182 but it must  be a replacement tank.  That is my guess.

ROX 182 1940 copy

I will get back to layout construction right after I finish up patterns for a new freight car.  Anyone willing to wager a guess on what the project is?    The end is shown below.



2 thoughts on “Tank Car Postscript

  1. looks like a usra single-sheathed box rebuild extended height car (10’0?), something the acl was fond of doing during the war years. i beleive there’s a few of them still in existence.

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