saw mitre box

Modeling is part skill, part patience, part luck and good tools.   On the last thought, I want to suggest another tool to help you build better models.

Several modelers have suggested that I look into purchasing a novel cutting tool and miter box.   The cutting tool is a miniature saw with an etched stainless blade with a variety of different teeth/inch.   I have been using this tool for some time and found to be useful in a lot of different task.

Recently I purchased the miter box from UMM-USA.  They are also available from Micro Mark and other suppliers.   The box permits accurate and square cutting on styrene or wood.  I can recommend the saw and miter box to you.


2 thoughts on “MODELING TOOLS

  1. That is an interesting tool website. Thanks for posting it Gene.

    The miter box looks like a 1/4″ would be the maximum width stock to fit for cutting. Correct?


    • Charlie

      The box is only .240″ wide. I think pass through a mill would widen it to .250″ or slightly wider. Midwest is not quite as accurate as the old Evergreen crew.


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