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Mea Culpa:

One of my blog followers pointed out that my postings could use a little proofreading.  Yes, I don’t always proof the posts.  I am usually composing while watching the tele.  My wife has been known to interrupt my train of thought as well.  I have no excuse for not being more careful.  I will try to clean up my act in future postings.

More Vehicles:

After posting on 1/4″ vehicles the other day, I received additional information that is worth sharing with you.   Dave Sather sent a few pictures to better illustrate the models mentioned and John Prizzi provided me a very useful list of vehicles made in 1/4″ scale.  The list was compiled by Rod Jensen and posted on the On3 Yahoo.

Tamiya 1942 Ford model

Tamiya 1942 Ford model

Revell White Gas Truck

Revell White Gas Truck

Here is the list compiled by Rod Jensen:


32517 Citroen Traction 11CV

32531 1930-40’s Volkswagen 82E (Bug)

26531 1940’s ¼ ton 4 X 4 Jeep

32559 1942 Ford 4 door Sedan

32548 1940’s 2 ½ ton 6 X 6 Cargo truck

32562 Britsh Small Staff car “Tilly” pick-up

32565 Komatsu G-40 Bulldozer


W001 Long Freight Wagon

W002 Short Freight Wagon

W003 Single Hitch Farm Wagon

Wespe Models

WES 48003 Dodge D8 Truck

WES 48086 Le Tourneau Bulldozer

WES 48012 Ford WOC 8CWT

WES 48027 Ford V8-51 Steel Cab Truck

WES 48031 Ford V8 Special Sedan

WES 48032 Ford V8 Truck

WES 48033 Ford V8 Cabriolet

WES 48065 Ford V8-51 Open Cab Truck

WES 48066 Ford 917 Open Cab Truck

WES 48067 Ford 917 Steel Cab Shelter

WES 48091 Diamond T969A Wrecker

WES 48092 Diamond T968B Cargo Truck

WES 48093 Diamond T972 Dump Truck

WES 48094 Diamond T975A Machinery Tool Truck

WES 48095 Diamond T975A Bridge Transporter Truck

RPM Models

48001 Ford Model T 1917 Ambulance A.E.R.

48002 Ford Model T 1917 Ambulance

UM Models

503 GAZ- AA Soviet truck

504 GAZ- MM 1 ½ ton truck

506 GAZ – AAA Chassis airfield starter

508 BZ-42 Refuel truck

509 BZ-38 Gasoline refueling truck

Renwal/Revell (Revell P/N in parenthesis)

* Note: Revell Germany did not always use “H” as suffix to P/N

No. 131 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash

No. 132 1910 Stanley Steamer

No. 133 1903 Rambler

No. 134 1911 Buick “Bug”

* No. 135 (H-1256) 1925 Ford Model “T” Runabout

* No. 136 (1270) 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Fastback

* No. 137 (1267) 1961 Jaguar XKE

* No. 138 (1271) 1914 Mercer Raceabout

* No. 139 (1265) 1916 Stutz Bearcat

No. 140 1951 Ferrari America 342

No. 141 1965 Lotus Indy Race Car – A.J. Foyt

No. 142 1931 Miller Special Indy Race Car

No. 143 1963 Lotus Ford Grand Prix

No. 144 1939 Mercedes-Benz W-163

* No. 145 (H-1257) 1929 Ford Model “A” Roadster

* No. 146 (H-1259) 1932 Ford Model “B” Coupe

No. 147 1940 Ford Sedan

No. 148 1950 Ford Convertible

* No. 149 (1258)1957 Ford “T” Bird 2 door convertible

No. 150 1932 Alfa-Romeo P-3

* No. 151 (H-1268) 1934 Dusenberg S.J.

* No. 152 (H-1266) 1930 Packard Victoria

* No. 153 (H-1272) 1931 Cadillac Sport Phaeton

* No. 154 (H-1269) 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540-K Cabriolet



The following Renwal kits were sold as “Double Header” kits (2 kits in one box as noted by the pairs listed)

Double Kit/ Car No.

No. 170/ No. 155 1914 Chevy Royal Mail Roadster

“ No. 156 1935 Auburn Speedster

No. 171/ No. 157 1930 Bentley Blower Roadster

“ No. 158 1964 Buick Riviera

No. 172/ No. 159 1965 Corvair Corsa

“ No. 160 1932 Chevy Roadster

No. 173/ No. 161 1932 Bugatti Type 59

“ No. 162 1948 Lincoln Continental convertible

No. 174/ No. 163 1923 Chevy Copper Cooled Coupe

“ No. 164 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

No. 175/ No. 165 1902 Ford 999 Racer

“ No. 166 1937 Cord Convertible



No. H-1400/1430 1956 Ford Pick-Up w/ Police Bike and Figures

No. H-1401 1955 Chevy 2 ton Stake Truck

No. H-1420 White Fruehauf Gas Tanker

No. H-1403 Kenworth 825 w/ Fruehauf Moving Van (Bekins)

No. H-1821 Kenworth Honest John Missile Kit (Kenworth Cab w. flatbed trailer)

No. H-903 1960 Ford Consul Deluxe 4-D Sedan

No. H-1267 1958 Volkswagen Station Wagon

No. 7309 Kenworth 825 Convent. w/ Flatbed Trailer


058284 Willys Jeep

058226 Maultier Opel Half Track Truck

058235 8 Ton Semi Track

Berkshire Valley (originally produced by Wheel Works/ Durango Press)

104 (200) 1934 Ford Pick-up

116 (201) 1934 Ford Pick-up Flat Bed w/ stakes

118 (202) 1934 Ford Large Stake Truck

Wiseman Model Services (originally produced by National Motor Company)

901TU 1909 Ford Model T Roadster (Top Up)

901TD 1909 Ford Model T Roadster (Top Down)

902TU 1910 Ford Model T Touring Car (Top Up)

902TD 1910 Ford Model T Touring Car (Top Down)

903 1912 Ford Model T Bakery Delivery Truck

904 1912 Ford Model T Dairy Delivery Truck

905 1912 Ford Model T Ice Delivery Truck

906 1914 Ford Model T Fire Truck

907 1912 Ford Model T Depot Hack

908 1910 Ford Model T Rail Car

909TU 1909 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout (Top Up)

909TD 1909 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout (Top Down)

Wiseman Model Services (originally produced by OnTrak & SS Ltd.)

(5202) RGS #1 Ford Inspection Car (On3)

(5200) Case Steam Tractor

(5204) “O” Fordson locomotive

Kerotracto Ford Style Farm Tractor conversion from kerosene tractor kit (Yorke article)

Logwagon Logwagon kit

Wiseman Model Services (originally produced by AMB)

AMB501 Bates Crawler

AMB502 Bates Bulldozer

AMB504 Logging Arch

AMB505 Bates Farm Tractor

Anvil Mountain Models (formerly McKenzie Iron & Steel)

M-101 Fordson Farm Tractor (1918-1927) US

S-601 M.A,C. Skagit Tugger Hoist

M-103 “Irish” Fordson Tractor (1927-1928)

M-104 Industrial Fordson Tractor

M-105 Fordson Locomotive (Powered)

M-116 Fordson Road Roller

M-107 Straddle Lumber Carrier

M-108 Fordson “Trackson”


M-110 Fordson Wehr Grader

M-116 Fordson Road Roller

R-302 Russell Hi-Way Patrol No. 2 Grader

H-501 Holt ‘75’ Heavy Tractor

H-502 Holt ‘75’ Heavy Tractor Version 2

T-201 Nash-Quad (Bare Chasis) Truck

T-202 Nash-Quad Stake Bed Truck

T-203 Nash-Quad Tank Truck

T-204 Nash-Quad Dump Truck

T-205 Nash-Quad Fire Truck

T-206 Nash-Quad Log Truck

TC-207 Nash-Quad “C” Cab

TC-208 Nash-Quad Closed Cab

TC-209 Nash-Quad Soft Top Cab

T-210 KW Log Truck

Anvil Mountain Models (formerly McKenzie Iron & Steel)

HCW-101 Horse High Wheel

HCW-201 8 Wheel Wagon

MW-101 Light Delivery Wagon

MW-102 Hitch Freight Wagon

MW-103 Crane–neck Windlass Wagon

MW-104 Studebaker “truck” Wagon

MW-105 Light Wagon

MW-106 Brewery Wagon


MW-108 Kerosene/ Gas Wagon

MW-109 Drop Bottom Wagon

FSH-301 Fresno Scraper

FSH-302 Fresno Scraper (full kit)

FSH-303 Pan Scraper

FSH-304 Pan Scraper (full kit)

Engineering Model Development (originally produced by CHB)

100 Caterpillar D-8 Tractor

102 Hyster Winch for Cat D-8

103 Hyster Logging Arch

SierraWest (originally produced by CHB)

VE-1000 Mack AC Bulldog

VE-2000 Mack AB

Buffalo Landing

1939 Pontiac 4 door Sedan

Glencoe Models Inc.

01003 1903 Cadillac Sedan (1/48)

01004 1900 Packard (1/50)


4012 – 100 Medicine Wagon

Borax/ Revell

20 Mule Team Set includes 2 freight wagons and 1 water wagon, 20 mule team


5 thoughts on “In Search of more vehicles and other topics

  1. Gene:

    The list you posted wasn’t compiled by the Yahoo On3 group, I created & posted this list to the group for all to use after many years of buying and researching these kits from various sources. I usually attempt to update it annually and as new kits come to market. I have persuaded? Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix to carry some of these kits so I recommend that guys try Stan & Sheldon first when they are in the market for these and other 1/48 products.

    Rod Jensen

  2. Gene,
    I like your blog, it’s always interesting.
    I usually proof my messages but still often miss something. Regardless, people still understand what is written.
    So keep your stuff coming and don’t worry about the nit-pickers.


  3. A couple years ago I was interested in the cast metal vehicles that Matel produced under the “Models of Yesteryear” range – late 70’s to early 80’s I believe. Since they were produced to fit the boxes rather then a precise scale .. they (scale) varys greatly. Although I was primarly intersted in 1:48 (or close) I ended up with the entire line. IMO .. 1:46 to 1:50 is usuable.

    In any case there are 4ea 1:47, 11ea 1:48, 3ea 1:49 and 2ea 1:50

    The data was taken from –

  4. I just became aware of the Anvil Mountain Nash Quad. Anyone know if a source for them? Their website doesn’t list them. Thanks, Art

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