MODELING: Refining the Door Area and Roof

wilson final decal


The last posting described how I came to the conclusion as the material used on the prototype roofs.   To implement this, I used .020″ x .100″ styrene strips.  I made a  couple simple of gages to approximate the overhang on the roof boards.   The gage is .045″ thick to compensate for the two fascia boards that are .010″ and .015″ thick.  This will allow a .020″ overhang.

sheathing roof

I discovered that I didn’t form the door opening properly.  If you look at the prototype photo below you will see that the opening is framed with 3 1/4″ wood.  I modified the door opening by cutting sheathing while on the body.  Hopefully, you have not progressed this far without discovering the omission.

wilson door area

I recut the opening and added .020″ x .066″ styrene strips to frame the door.  You can see what the resulting frame looks like.

model door area

You will notice the lines drawn on the sheathing.  These are guides for impressing nail impressions on the siding.  I derived the spacing by doing some basic analysis of the car side.   Look at the drawing below, you can see the converging lines drawn along the car side.  I assumed the 8’9″ car height and subdivided to give me reference line to space out details.  This is a useful technique that is fairly accurate.   Remember, I am attempting to build a car without a drawing or an actual car to measure.  You can use Photoshop to do the same exercise.  I used my cell phone camera to show the marked up drawing.  It distorted the photo somewhat.

side sketch

modified side

Next time, I will plow into the underframe details.   This is a gray area so I am speculating as to how it was built.

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