MODELING: Some Odds and Ends

On one April, I posted a story on the Wine industry and relations to railroads.   At the end of the piece, I suggested that it would be wonderful if Protocraft were to produce a decal set for California Dispatch Line (CDLX).

CDLX 335 (6) IS

Well, Norm Buckhart read my plea and came through with a wonderful decal set that will cover a significant portion of the CDLX fleet.  The decal sets will be available in about four to six weeks so don’t try to order quite yet.

cdlx art

And The Winner Is:

zman sands springs

This year’s March Meet model contest winner was Jim Zwernemann’s beautiful Sand Springs single sheathed boxcar.   The model was built by developing styrene patterns that were molded in urethane.   Jim built the model after seeing a new decal set released by Protocraft.

SSRY 121x

The Sand Springs Railroad had three cars that were rebuilt with steel side replacing the original wood sheathing.



7 thoughts on “MODELING: Some Odds and Ends

  1. Nice! Having been born in Tulsa its cool to see a little line there modeled, This predates my era but….

  2. Gene,
    Thanks for the photo of Jim Z’s latest work of art.

    I did some searching on Google to see what additional info and photos I could find. There is a nice photo of SS#122 on Steam Era Freight Cars The cars had indented Dreadnaught ends and a radial roof. Steel plate sides were done under contract with Frisco at Springfield, MO in 1948-49.

    There are also several photos available of the SS SW9’s #100, #101 and #102 to be found in the RR Picture Archives.

    Later, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ

  3. Gene,
    The wine cars reminded me of a story my father told me about whiskey being shipped in wooden barrels on their ends in wooden floor box cars. Thieves would drill a hole through the floor into the barrels and catch the whiskey in pails. I wonder how long that kept happening.


      • Gene,
        Railroad workers did not earn much in the way of wages for seven days a week work in those times. It could be a clerk made that info. available to friends. In 1946 a fireman earned $1.14 per hour and worked 15 hrs. and 15 mins. One of those was me.

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