MODELING: Wilson Underframe Construction

I finally got some time to continue construction on the Wilson meat reefer.  I set aside layout construction and a pattern job.   This posting goes over the underframe construction.

wilson i beam jig

The center sill is built up from .020″ x .208″ (1 x 10).  I made two .250″ x .250″  mounting blocks for the trucks.  Each one was drilled out to fit a machined mounting that was threaded for 2.0mm.  I am using Protocraft ASF A-3 Ride Control trucks which come with 2.0mm screws.   The miter box and mini saw does a nice job cutting the parts such as cross bearers.  The I beams are .156″ high.

wilson uf start

wilson on trucks

Snowing on the layout

 I have been doing a little work on the layout during May.  I started to apply Celluclay for ground contour and texture.  It has been a little slow drying since we have had cool weather and some serious rain in the last few weeks.   Ok, it wasn’t cool enough to snow but it sort of looks like it.

snow on layout

more snow

Happy Trails,


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