MODELING: Add the brake set and details to the Wilson reefer

It has been a busy last few days.  I was able to get some work done on several hobby projects.  The Wilson reefer advanced a bit with work on draft gear, brake equipment and ladders.

wilson ladder

The car had ladders built from straight grab irons.  I determined that the “rungs” were spaced at 18″ apart and 18″ wide.   I made a styrene jig to drill the mounting holes.   Vertical lines were drawn and the jig was placed over the line and held in position with a plastic triangle.   It doesn’t take very long to do this.  Drill all the holes before doing an work on the underframe or ends.

draft gear build

I have shown this approach before.  I build up a draft gear out of .030″ x .250″ for top and bottom.  The side pieces are .030″ x .188″  It doesn’t take long if you stack the .250″ pieces and drill several pieces at a time.

wilson ab set

The AB set is a San Juan kit. They make the very best AB parts around    The reservoir is a transversal mount.  One end is supported by a “hairpin” style bracket made from .040″ wide brass.  The back end is supported with a .125″ I-Beam running parallel to the centersill.

wilson brake set

The piping was bent from .019″ brass wire.

wilson rb supports

The view above shows a few new details that have been added. The lower corners now have reinforcing plates made from .010″ x .188″ strips.   I used MacLeod 1″ square nut and bolt casting on the front corner.  The top black bolt is a MacLeod 1.5″ square nut.

The running board supports are installed with 22″ spacing.  I used Grandt LIne #145 cut down to 18″ width.   I installed a grab iron using .0125″ phos bronze wire.

Next time I hope to add more details to the Wilson reefer.

Happy Trails,



2 thoughts on “MODELING: Add the brake set and details to the Wilson reefer

  1. Nice work, Gene.
    I’ve got eight cars to make for my NMRA Certificate, later this year. I’m watching closely.
    Max Wright
    South Australia

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