P48 MODELER: Jim Harper

Jim Harper is a person that has been associated with Proto48 for over forty years.  He not only has been a promoter of Proto48 through his product line but he has shown a willingness to help modelers working in  the scale.   Jim attends many of the NMRA and O Scale shows to promote the scale and enjoy the fellowship of modelers in attendance.

jim and box

Erik Lindgren caught Jim demonstrating Protocraft’s magnetic Type-E couplers at the NMRA convention in Colorado Springs recently.   Jim has a business by the name of Red Cliff Miniatures.  His product line includes P48 switch kits, operating switch stands and non-operating stands.   Erik took a picture of Jim standing next to John Johnson (another long-time P48 modeler) at the Colorado Springs show.

Jim H JJ

Jim served in Vietnam as part of a USAF Special Forces unit.  He retired from his service and opened a hobby shop in Southern Cali.  Later he moved to Reno and opened High Sierra Hobbies.   His hobby shop was a haven for Proto48 modelers.   I used to go to Reno to purchase some wonderful P48 products.

Jim has built a magnificent P48 layout in his home.   The layout started out in his garage in Reno, NV.  Jim and his wife decided to move to Santa Clara, Utah.  The layout was carefully broken into section and moved.  Jim built a new home with a larger space for his layout.  The original design was reworked and expanded.  The resulting effort is most impressive.   Look at the pictures below and keep in mind that each tie has two tie plates and four spikes.




Visit Jim’s Red Cliff Miniatures website to see more of his layout and his extensive product line.

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3 thoughts on “P48 MODELER: Jim Harper

  1. Hi Gene, Thanks for sharing Jim’s story. It’s fun to see his work. Sooo nice. Do you know when you and Nancy are coming up? All the best Mike

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