MODELING: Back to Trackwork

This past week I have been working on my layout adding trackwork.   I am finishing up a turnout and extending the line towards the East end of the room.  Building turnouts is slow going but it takes patience.  That is a commodity that I don’t have enough of at times.   I am working with Code 100 rail, switch castings from American Switch and Signal,  Grandt Line tie plates and Kemtron X-195 spikes.

switch details

The point assemblies are not spiked in yet.   I made a couple of simple gage clamps to position while spiking.  I also use the large brass block to keep the rail in place while spiking.

switch west

Progress is slow but it will be done in a few days.  As you notice, I do sand and stain my ties and then add ballast before spiking the rail.

switch east

It won’t be long before I can start running trains.

clover house tie strips

I went back to the lift bridge and decided to beef up the rail attached at the lift section.   The copper strips were purchased from Clover House.  They are called “module interface PC ties” and the part number is #1276.   I will be changing out the screws for a pan-head screw.  Make sure you cut both copper surfaces before installing.  I will paint the strips a tie color.

I will be adding an installment on the Wilson meat reefer and some work that Robert Leners is doing on his reefer projects.

Happy Trails,


12 thoughts on “MODELING: Back to Trackwork

  1. Regarding the “module interface PC ties”, I had considered doing something similar with regular Clover House ties on a couple lift out sections that are in front of a south facing egress window. I did not do that of course. Has not been a big problem as the lift outs have only been moved a couple times in the last dozen years. One issue though is the winter sun gradually moves the rails to the east and closes that gap and widens the west gaps.


    • Charlie
      My hinged bridge is at the room entrance so it gets a lot of movement. I had noticed that my son had used similar plates to keep his track stable.


  2. Gene::

    I am really enjoying the blog and getting to see how a true master of scratchbuilding works. Speaking of which, would it be possible to have scans of your published articles posted to your blog?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Vince
      Thank you for your kind words.

      I really don’t plan making hard copies of the posted digital image. You should be able to do a print screen on your desktop.


      • Gene::

        Thanks for the reply. What I meant to say in my previous posting is if would be possible for you to post copies of your magazine articles? I think many who haven’t seen some of your published work would benefit from this.

        Thanks in advance,


      • Vince
        Thank you for the clarification.
        I hate to be the “no guy” today. Are you thinking of my articles in MR, RMC, NG&SL Gazette and OST magazines? These articles are protected by the magazine’s copyright which does not allow me to post in the public domain.


  3. Gene,
    Perhaps a list of your magazine articles with issue and subject listed would be helpful to Vince and others interested in your writings. I know your earlier columns in OST are available as pdf downloads up to issue #50. Later issues are available for a fee.


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