MODELING: Older Published Articles

A blog reader suggested that I publish previous articles on model builds as a way of helping modelers who want to build their own equipment.   My first reaction was that it can’t be done since they are copyrighted.  I gave some thought to the idea and realized that some of the builds and techniques are on the Proto48 Modeler and are readily available to anyone interested in checking them out.

Here is a list and link to the Proto48 Modeler:

ATSF Bx-27 boxcar- Bx-27 Build


Peeling Paint-Technique using paint


Constructing Freight Cars-Scratchbuilding with styrene

Model Railroader:

Erie Covered Hopper- August 1975

Erie 50-ton cvh

Railroad Model Craftsman:

Super Detailing Intermountain Tank Car- February 2002

Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette:

Build a Coal Conveyor- July 1982

coal conveyer

J.D. Robertson & Son Building Supplies- November 1979


East Broad Top weight car- March 1979

Getting your feet wet with styrene- May 1978

The other king of trees- January 1978

78 tree 1

FJ&G Ballast Grader- January 1976

FJ&G ballast spreader

Q&TL Rock Car- March 1975

Q&TL rock1

Fine Lines:

A gondola plow- January 1974


Detailing Black Oak- January 1973

I built this depot from wood in 1972 and won the structure catagory in the 1972 NMRA national.

I built this depot from wood in 1972 and won the structure category in the 1972 NMRA national.

O Scale Trains:

Soo Line Double Door Boxcar-

soodd lr

Lackawanna Caboose Pt.1 & 2-  Issue #61 and 62


Central Georgia Door and Half Boxcar- Issue #3



I think this a fairly complete list of published construction articles.

Happy Trails,


7 thoughts on “MODELING: Older Published Articles

  1. Gene,
    There is nothing wrong with a picture and then a link or reference to the magazine and or article. If nothing else, the publisher should welcome the traffic.
    Jim Allen

  2. Gene,
    Since discovering Proto48 in the late 1990’s I really got spoiled! Although we have to be careful not to offend other railroaders I must say I truly am thankful for you, Norm Buckhart, John Eichman and a host of others who have helped move model railroading in the right direction. Thank you so much for the inspiration you share about detail, focus and generosity with your knowledge. I always look forward to your updates. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you although I average one or two shows per year I’m always conscious of your presence in the wonderful world of the “flange wheel society”. Many more years of happy chugging, rocking and rolling!

    Ron Portzer

    • Ron
      Thank you for your comments. There have been many who have contributed to P48. It has been gratifying to see how much growth has occurred since my early involvement in the late 1960s.


  3. Gene::

    Thanks for providing this information – I am sure many will find it useful. As an aside the Erie covered hopper article from the August 1975 MR (think about it that was 40 years ago!!) is a personal favorite especially the us of the converted sewing machine as riveter.

    Thanks again,


  4. Gene~
    It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs and and learn a tip or two on your techniques. Even though I model (predominantly) in HO and Sn3 (as a side interest), good craftsmanship knows no scale differentiation. You may recall we have mutual friends in Jim Zwernemann, Bruce Blalock, and Jim Hickey, but I’ve not visited with any of them in a few months. I’m well past overdue. Take care.

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