MODELING: Odds and Ends

Turner universal

This post is a short one covering two topics.  My next post will cover a new technique developed by Lee Turner to ghost old lettering on boxcars.  It is stunning so stay tuned for the post.   By the way, the Universal Cement car shown above was done by Lee.  The model is a Pacific Limited boxcar and the decals and trucks are from Protocraft.  Take a good look at the finish of this car.  It is incredible.  The car is missing a coupler because Lee’s client forgot to send the couplers. It is Proto48.


Irish Tracklayer a small supplier that has many interesting projects in the works.  Robert Leners tipped me off the a useful part for the car builder or detailer.  It is bracket set for the cut lever.  They are brass and well detailed.

IT D-113

The parts are shown in their packaging.  One package will do two cars.  I received the  picture shown below from Robert Leners showing a typical installation.  In this case, he installed them on his AC&F Type-21.


John Houlihan, owner of Irish Tracklayer, has been working on a train order signal done to a RSA design.


This is an upper quadrant design.   As you can see, John has used 3D CAD to generate an image to print.  These parts will be invested  and cast in brass.   The signal was used by the Soo and Northern Pacific to name two that I am familiar with.

Next issue will be on Lee Turner so stay tuned.

Happy Trails,



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