MODELING: Ready for Paint on Wilson Car

Wilson side view

I had a few hours this week and was able to push to the completion on the Wilson meat reefer.   Primer application is the next step in the process and finally the color.    There are a few steps that I will go though showing details that were fabricated for the model.

Wilson trainline connect

I added the control valve connection to the train line.  The gray plastic parts were taken from a Grandt Line brake set.  I sliced the bottom off the tee and mounted it to the train line with CA.  The connection to the control valve with a cast elbow and pipe from the same Grandt sprue.

wilson drains

Ice was the cooling medium in these reefers.  The water runoff from melting ice was drained via pipes or hoses on the underframe.  I used some .060″ plastic hose inserted on a .040″ styrene rod.  I made the hose about 18″ long.  The drain is installed on the underside of the floor.  As you can see, the drain doesn’t interfere with the swing of the truck.  If you use 5′ gauge trucks you might want to check the rotation.

wilson drain install

The picture above shows a tackboard installed on the left side of the car.  I guessed the dimensions were 10″ high and 18″ long.  The styrene is .020″ thick.

wilson wedge annotated

I built a bracket for the cut lever using a Protocraft casting trimmed and soldered to a brass strip.   The next stop is the paint booth.

Happy Trails


7 thoughts on “MODELING: Ready for Paint on Wilson Car

  1. excellent-can’t wait for the paint booth blog-
    keep up the good work-It’s almost toooo hot for BBQ down here

  2. Gene;
    I’ve been following your build since the beginning. I am so very impressed by the quality and the standard of the work, right down to the door hooks to hold the doors open.

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this with me.

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