MODELING: Some More of Jim Zwernemann’s Great Modeling

Jim Booth, owner of Glacier Park Models, was kind enough to send a few shots of Jim Zwernemann’s layout.  It was the first time Jim Booth has visited the this beautiful Proto48 railroad.   He was in the area for the Houston Narrow Gauge Convention.  Rarely do you find a modeler who builds a beautiful layout and award winning models.

z bulk plant

Jim Zwernemann scratch built this interesting little oil dealer.  You can see some of Jim’s freight car work in the background .

Z dartnaught

This model started life as a Roco/Atlas plastic boxcar.  Jim reworked the end to resemble the AC&F proprietary design used a series of post-war boxcar orders.

z austin frt house

Here is a different view of Jim’s Katy freight house.  The model is based upon the old Katy building that once existed in Austin, TX.

z tower

Speaking of award winning models, the Elgin tower is one of those gems that has won first place.

z yard

This part of Jim’s layout is not quite done as you can see.  What is remarkable are the three exquisite cabooses in the foreground.  The Rock Island car at the far end started out as a San Juan Car Company Rio Grande Fowler clone boxcar kit.  The Cotton Belt drover car is still around in a museum in the Dallas area. It was build from styrene.

z usra

The prototype for this car started life as a USRA double sheathed boxcar.  The EJ&E rebuilt the car with a steel replacement side but kept the basic USRA dimensions.  The colorful scheme was first applied around 1950.  The model is creative blend of commercial parts (kit bash).  The underframe and ends came from a very old Chooch kit.  The sides and roof were reworked parts from an Intermountain steel boxcar kit. The doors were made by Jim.  Lettering was done using an ALPS printer by Jim Hickey.   Orange is not a native color for an ALPS machine but Jim managed to dither the color to get the effect of orange.


I decided to add this prototype photo to show this classic car.  It would make a great kit.

I want to thank Jim Booth for providing the photos for this posting.   All of his shots were is done with his IPhone.

Happy Trails,


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