Other Peoples Work: Glacier Park Models Drop Bottom Gondola Kit

The long-awaited Southern Pacific drop bottom gondola kit is just about ready to ship.  It has been a long struggle starting with John Parker and his struggles to get the tooling to work and release the kit.  John passed away before it was done.  Time passed and Jimmy Booth stepped in and purchased the tooling and design.   Completion was a struggle to get to work.  Some dies were never done so Jimmy designed the needed tooling.

db primed

What to expect from the kit?   The kit is composed of a number of casting sprues with many beautiful parts.   You will find many details that are not found in the best of brass imports.  The kit looks challenging but it is just a matter of following the instructions.

sprue 273

grab post

It is a remarkable kit and well worth the price.   Plan on spending six to eight hours on assembly.  I would suggest using STAR Brand SP/UP freight car paint and Protocraft decals to finish.  The decal sheet is shown below.



Happy Trails,





One thought on “Other Peoples Work: Glacier Park Models Drop Bottom Gondola Kit

  1. looks like they’ve raised the bar for freight car kit craftsmanship. wish i could have some car sides that looked that good for my intermountain usra gondolas.

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