MODELING: A Little Bit of This and That

It has been a while since I last posted to the blog.  Lots of projects around the house have kept me away from the workbench.   I did manage to squeeze in a few hours work on projects.   Let me bring you up to date on a few older projects.

paintI have started to weather my Wilson meat reefer.  My preference for weathering is acrylic paint.  My brand of choice is now Vallejo.  They have a tremendous range of colors and are available in a thick format and one that is set up for an airbrush. The paint is mixed with distilled water with a touch of wetting agent like Kodak Photo Flo 200.  I applied washes over a gloss finish.  Start with the lighter shade and move to the darker color.   I was trying to create a bleached out paint effect.  The orange is very bright and would fade fairly quickly in the real world.

wilson weathering

My next step will be to apply a flat finish and go in with a very fine brush and add shadowing and accents using black and rust shades.   I decided to apply the washes to the roof to tone it down.

wilson weathered end

I will post a shot of the finished project shortly.

My Glacier Park Models drop bottom gondola was painted today.   The paint is nice and shiny but will be toned down once the decals are applied.    I left the inside boards in gray primer which will be weathered.

gs gond paint

GS gond end

Happy Trails,



7 thoughts on “MODELING: A Little Bit of This and That

    • Vern
      The Giant Orange is a HO model that was built by a fellow in Socal. I got picture from the owner of Owl Mountain Models. He used to have it on his website until it was hacked.
      If you grew up in Cali during the 19 50s or 1960s you can remember them along the highway. I remember the one near Chowchilla on Highway 99.

  1. Gene, the craftsmanship displayed on the Wilson refrigerator car sets a standard for all of us, even for us who model in another scale. Thank you for clarifying each step. Is there a way that the steps you have described could be published so that the collected number of pages could be downloaded as a guide to those of us who are trying to model that very car?

    • Tom
      Thank you for your comments regarding the reefer.
      I don’t have any immediate plans to compile the posts into an article.
      You can do a “print screen” command on a Windows machine to print each page.


  2. Gene,
    I just discovered your blog last week. It’s not only great for the techniques and photos, but also for the inspiration.

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