MODELING: Final Touches on GS Gondola


The Irish Track Layer has established a new blog on his product line and some of his own modeling.   Take a look at John Houlihan’s blog

Irish Track Layer Blog


Here are a few enhancements that you can make to the new Glacier Park Models kit.   While the kit is very well detailed, there is a limit to how much a kit can provide before it ends up being too expensive.  My enhancements are simple and inexpensive to implement.

The first upgrade adds roping staples to the four corners.  I used .020″ brass wire to represent the prototype parts. The kit has a pair of starter hole at each of the four location. Drill out the holes and insert the wire. You can see the loop above the inboard wheel.

B towing bracket

The next item to add is the bleeder valve linkage.  I used .012″ phos bronze wire to run from the valve on the control valve and the car sides.  I fabricated small brackets out of .010″ x .040″ brass strips.

B relief valve

The last enhancement added was the uncoupling bracket.  I used a Protocraft PC-1205a to form the bracket along with a strip of .010″ brass strip.  The casting was soldered to the bracket.  I trimmed the end of the casting to shorten it.  The bracket with attached to the end sill with a small pin and CA.

b end update

I have added a frame to the striker.  It was made from two  pieces of .080″ Evergreen channel approximately .188″ long.  The channels are connected by a piece of .040″ strip.  This frame was attached to a plate that fits on top of the draft gear cover plate.

striker and boxstriker


I made an adjustment to the paint by spraying on a another coat lightened with gray primer.   It will be easier to weather this color down than the previous version.

color adj

Last but not least is a set of weights that Glacier Park Models is now offering for $9.95 plus postage.   They are cut from sheet lead and three segments fit into each portion of the frame.  It adds about 4 ounces to the car.    Contact   Glacier Park Models for more information.

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2 thoughts on “MODELING: Final Touches on GS Gondola

  1. Gene:
    Followed the link to John Houlihan’s blog OK. However, I got the “404” message when I tried his website. Got any current info?
    Many thanks,

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