MODELING: Getting Closer but not Done

Well, I had hoped that I could report that I was done.   At the last moment, I screwed up a decal.  I held up on putting the final touches on the car.  The damaged decal has to be replaced and then I can apply a flat finish and final weathering highlights.  Well, maybe this week will finish up the this project.


I did take a few photos of the car with my cell phone (above) and with my DSLR below.

G23 top view

G23 a end

G23 b end

A couple of notes regarding the project:

  • The kit is amazing.  The detail and assembly methods are a step ahead of all O scale railroad car kits.  It is not an easy shake the box type but following the instructions will result in a model you will be proud of.
  • Metal trucks and weight added to the center sill are important for good operation.
  • I weathered the model with Vallejo acrylic paints mixed with distilled water.

Happy trails,


9 thoughts on “MODELING: Getting Closer but not Done

    • Rick
      It has been available for several weeks. I know you can purchase the kit from Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix. Des Plaines Hobbies may be stocking the kits as well. The website is intended to show the kit but not sure when it is scheduled for the update.

      • Well that would be a more interesting load than the mesquite blocks I’m using to weight up this Mullet River box car —-

  1. Gene,
    I am looking forward to the weathering on the new gon and on the Wilson Reefer. I hope you can cover them in more detail. More specifically, on the Vallejo paints, what colors are you using?
    Thanks, Hugo Meisser

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