MODELING: OPM (Other People’s Models)

John Pautz adds couplers to the Glacier Park drop bottom gondola 

I received several pictures of John Pautz’s build of the new Glacier Park MJP quarter inch square baseodels SP gondola.   His pictures show how he installed Protocraft couplers on the model.  His method is very similar to my method.  

To start with John drilled and tapped 1/4″ square styrene blocks that will fitted between the center sill beams.   He built up the draft gear out of styrene strip and rod.

JP Draft gearJP a end

The kit striker was cut such that the top portion was glued to the end sill.  The bottom portion was attached to the draft gear cover plate.  The finished installation is very neat and functional.

If John’s name sounds familiar, it is likely you have used his American Switch and Signal track parts. He has been providing Proto48 switch kits, frogs, points and compromise joints for a number of years.




Robert Leners started decaling his scratchbuilt Cudahy meat reefer.   He discovered that the lettering was not correct.   Protocraft was contacted and Norm quickly noticed the error.   He immediately decided to redo the set.   The updated set was sent to Microscale for printing.  The new set was applied by Robert.  It looks absolutely right now.   I have to complement Norm Buckhart for his commitment to quality and accuracy.

Leners cudahy reefer

Happy Trails,







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