NEW PRODUCT: Upgraded Protocraft Type-E Couplers Released

IM box with new Type-E

Protocraft has introduced a new version of their Type-E coupler.   The coupler represents all-new tooling that improves the operation.   The shank has been changed to fit a new draft gear design.  The new shank has a .040″ greater spacing from the back of the head to the slot.   The picture below shows the different shanks.  The new coupler is on the left.

Compare Type-E

The draft gear changes are significant.  The old coupler design will not fit in the new draft gear.   There is different striker on the box.   It is attached to cover plate.  Protocraft used the Gould design for the new design.

draft gear

draft gear sprue

Rather than repeat information researched by Protocraft, I have scanned the instruction and inserted herein.


I have found the new coupler is easy to install on freight cars.  I did add a coupler to a Glacier Park Models tender.  The picture below shows has nicely the draft gear fit on the underframe of an Intermountain 1937 boxcar.  This is a huge improvement over the typical draft gear found on Kadee couplers.   You can now build a scale underframe including the draft gear.


Here is an example of the new draft gear fitted to the Glacier Park Vanderbilt tender.  The new top operate is right choice for a tender.

gpm vandy

NP South Prairie Water Tank 1956

The above shot was taken by Rick Leach many years ago.  The NP repurposed tender bodies into water tanks.  It would create a small tank that would work for their lighter power like 4-6-0s and 0-6-0s.  I don’t remember where Rick took this shot but was likely on the Tacoma Division.  It would make a neat model.

Hopefully, this posting will shed some light on the latest Protocraft coupler release.



9 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCT: Upgraded Protocraft Type-E Couplers Released

  1. Gene,
    Nice write-up on the new couplers. I look forward to trying them out myself.

    Even though they are bottom operating, do they still use the magnet over the coupler to release the coupler?

  2. Gene,
    Thanks for posting the photos of the new coupler box. Is the photo of the installation on the GPM tender forth coming?


  3. Gene,
    Great write up. I’m pretty excited about this new “modern” Type E. Just what the doctor ordered. I’ll need to figure out how to mount them since I didn’t see a keyed shank available.

    Hope all is well in sunny California!


      • The “older” AAR type E’s are nice, but the right side of the head has that plane surface which always bugged me – the S-G head is shaped and sculpted just right. After one install, this has become my “standard” coupler – going to need to haul more lading to finish out the fleet! .


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