NP 1372 Casey Jones Issaquah annotated

I came across this photo taken by the late Herb Chaudiere of an excursion that had stopped in Issaquah, Washington.  The Northern Pacific line through Issaquah ran up the mountain to North Bend.   The photo shows a rural scene with lots of trees and no homes or businesses.   If you were in Issaquah today you would not find the track or water tank. You would find lots of homes and businesses like a major Costco office complex.   In fact it is rather hard to imagine a railroad once ran here.  If you travel east on I-90 you may catch a glimpse of some of the old trestles up on the side of the mountain.

Modeling the railroad scene in the early or middle 1950s can be challenging given how much the urban scene has changed.   We have to resort to books, videos and magazines like those published by historical societies.  The Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association (NPRHA) has a very useful NPRHA website.  They have an extensive collection of photos, drawings, rosters, equipment diagrams and long with numerous links to huge photo collections.   It is a goldmine for those interested in the railroad or region.   Check out the site soon.

NP 1013 Christmas RWL

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