RAILWAY MUSEUMS: Part Two Nevada State Railroad Museum Carson City


While in the Lake Tahoe area, I visited the now-famous JAX Diner in Truckee, California.  Forget what you know of diner food.  JAX is truly good comfort food using quality ingredients combined with skillful preparation.    I sampled their breakfast offerings and found the pancakes and bacon to be wonderful.   This is my second visit to the place.   The diner was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show.  It has attracted a significant following and worthy of the praise heaped on it by the show’s host Guy Fieri.  The diner is located right next to UP mainline over the Sierras.  JAX is also referred to as JAX at the Tracks.  During my visit several UP freight trains rolled with the their big yellow diesels reverberating off the walls of the diner.

jax truckee

Following the lead of Trevor Marshall in his blog, I decided to post the diner experience.  I always enjoy Trevor’s descriptions of visits to local pubs for a pint and possibly a little Haggis or something. While trains are the primary focus one has to have fuel while traveling.

Now back to the museum.   I had mentioned in the previous post about the museum’s collection of Virginia & Truckee models.   They are all the work of the late George Richardson.  The museum display contained a plaque giving a little history of the modeler and some sample driver castings.

CCM George Richardson

Mr. Richardson’s models are all displayed in glass cases to preserve and protect.   It does make it challenging to photograph without reflections.  At any rate, please look at the beauty of the his work.

CCM Reno 25 27

CCM 26 modelCCM Genoa model

CCM Ophir

CCM model

CCM 27 closeup model

The above selection of pictures provide you an overview of George Richardson’s amazing work.   Please consider a visit to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.  It has a lot to offer.

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