OPM: Mike George and Lee Turner

OPM is short for Other People’s Models.  This post will cover a steam locomotive build by Mike George and some new models from Lee Turner.

Louisville and Nashville H-29a Consolidations

Mike George is busy build three H-29a class locos.  One will be O gauge and two will be Proto48.   Mike is an ardent follower of the old L&N.  He did a book on the road’s Hook and Eye Division.  His home layout is based upon the L&N.   The loco build is a nearly completely scratch build.  It requires 60″ diameter drivers which are not readily available.  Mike was fortunate to have a friend do a 3D CAD rendering of the driver centers that were printed in wax and invested in brass.

L&N mechanism

The frame was milled on a large commercial machine.  It is fully equalized with a hidden gearbox.  The frame is fitted with Glacier Park drivers which are 56″ in diameter.

L&N underframe

Mike didn’t cut any corners on this beauty.

L&N boiler mockup

A mockup boiler was built to test fit the mechanical parts.  This is a good idea to do before spending time cutting a bunch of metal.    Hopefully, Mike will share more photos as progress is made.

Lee Turner Modeling:

Lee was kind enough to share some of his latest work.  The first picture is of two Lionel auto racks which have only Kadee couplers and O gauge scale wheels added.  The model realism was brought out by Lee’s talent for weathering.

auto racks

The next two models are extensively rebuilt Weaver steel cabooses.   The design was first done for the Reading but was adopted Lehigh Valley, Lehigh and New England and the Central Railroad of New Jersey.   Lee loves the LV growing up around the road.  His dad was a key manager in the Sayre shops.   I am not a fan of the Penn Central green but it looks better with the LV markings.   It is amazing what Lee has done with a plastic model.

LV cabooses

Thank you Mike and Lee for sharing your work with us.

Happy Trails,


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