NEW PRODUCT: Pickle and Vinegar Makers Book


book 1

The subject of pickle and vinegar cars has fascinated me for years.  As an ardent reader of the old Model Railroad (1950s and 1960s), I enjoyed reading the many articles on vinegar and pickle cars and their production facilities.   David Leider’s latest book covers these subjects in much detail.

book 2

David has done significant research on these topics.  There are many photos that have not appeared in print.  The variety of cars shown have amazed me.   Leider’s research covers the history of the industry and their facilities.   Some of the larger producers like Heinz, Squire Dingee, Standard Brands and A.M. Richter are covered showing their cars and plants. I included the table of contents to show the topics covered.  I was pleased with inclusion of car plans and pickle salting stations.

book 3book 4

I have included shots of pages from the book to give you an idea of the level of illustration including.   One of the cars that surprised me was a former milk car converted to haul vinegar.

book 5

The book retails for $32.95 plus $4.25 for postage and is available direct from the author. David Leider’s address is:

601 N. Elmhurst Road, Prospect Hts, IL 60070-1308

If you have an interest in the subject, I would recommend that you purchase the book.

Happy Trails,



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