MODELING: Craftsman Bungalow Modeling

Now that the holidays are over, some time became available to sit down and do some modeling.   One project that has been kicking around in my head for a while is modeling a craftsman bungalow.  The style can be found in many parts of the country.  I am not an expert on the architectural details of the craftsman style so finding a plan or actual building would reduce the time to engage. house photos I happened into find an ad in the last Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette for the TSN Design Company and their HO craftsman kit for a bungalow.  The company posted a number of pictures on their website.  It provided me with enough information to scale the model from model and prototype photos.



The actual home that Thomas Nelson used in the design of his kit.   The structure has been updated with newer roofing and paint.

house partial

My 1/4″ scale model is being built from Evergreen styrene sheet and strip.  The siding is .100″ clapboard.  The windows are being built up from styrene.

house windows

The key method for building the windows is to form an angle from .100″ x .015″ and .060″ x .015″ strips.  I built the window up while in the actual opening.  It requires some care with the solvent to keep from sticking to the side.   If you intend to paint the windows the same color as the walls you can build the windows up in the opening.

house interior brace

Jimmy Booth suggested that I try using injection molded corner braces to speed construction of models.  City Classics offers the parts and I intend to use them on the model build.    The parts are made from ABS so use Testors or MEK to bond them to styrene.

Happy Trails,



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