MODELING: Small Steam by Lee Turner

turner nyc front

You know I just can’t get enough of Lee’s work.  The most recent effort shared by Lee is this New York Central ten-wheeler.  The model was imported by Precision Scale a number of years ago.  It is a handsome machine with simple lines defined by a traditional pilot and headlight location.

turner nyc fire side

I find the weathering to be restrained indicating an engine that is well cared for by the crew and the roundhouse personnel.  The boiler and domes reflect light indicating a recent wipe down.  The running gear, smokebox and firebox reflect the fact that the locomotive earns it keep.

turner nyc firebox

tuner nyc right

Lee has captured a good balance in his weathering approach.  It shows age without the look of total neglect.

turner nyc rear

The model is standard O gauge (5′ gauge). I admire the work and appreciate the skill regardless of the track standards.

Thanks again, Lee, for sharing these photos.

Happy Trails,


4 thoughts on “MODELING: Small Steam by Lee Turner

  1. That is a nicely weathered locomotive. I like the rust (washes?) and shiny and dull areas. Thanks for sharing!

    Michael in Placerville

  2. Makes me think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, It’s Just Right! As you said, well cared for, not pristine, and not ready for the scrapyard just yet.

    Regardless of the scale/gauge, it’s a great example of great weathering.

    Brian Termunde

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