grosser overview

Ray Grosser was kind enough to send pictures of his wife’s tree work.   Renee built a number of scale sized trees using small branches for an apple tree and scenic material from Woodland Scenics.   What struck me about the trees are their size.  They tower over houses and trains.  Just like real life. Ray told me that apple trees have a rough bark texture that is realistic.   Small branches can be tailored to look like the trunk and major branches.  Renee added plastic branches to fill out the upper part of the tree.   The branches are sold as part of a plastic tree armature.  Woodland Scenics foliage was used to add “leaves” to the tree.

tree ray grosser 1

The impressive size really looks fantastic on their layout.  The tree house is an eye-catcher that draws attention.

tree ray g


Protocraft has their new top-operate Type-E coupler on the market.  The coupler is a modification to the standard bottom-operate coupler.   The coupler is very smooth when operating.  I really like this variant.  This version is PC-1074 and sells for $59.95 for five pair.


Along with the new coupler, Protocraft has made changes to their Gould draft gear.20160307_133959-1_resized

The center post now is circular rather than the wedge on the backside of the post.  In addition a new casting for the coupler plank on either side of the box.  The new box is very slick and goes on freight cars and tenders with not fuss.

Happy Trails,


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