MODELING: Muncie & Western Boxcar Build III

The Mather boxcar build is just about done.  A few touches of weathering and it will be ready for delivery to a friend.

Painting turned out to be a bit of a challenge to get the right shade of yellow.   I added a touch of Model Masters International Orange to their Insignia Yellow to get the right warmth.  The one photo I found online showed a much deeper and warmer yellow than previously seen.  There are very few color pictures of the Muncie & Western Mather cars.  The few I have seen look to be a medium Yellow but that is likely due to artifacts with the film. I asked Lee Turner for some advice and suggestions on getting it right.  He saw that the picture looked to be a good rendering and could be trusted to get the shade right.  Given that the picture was taken in 1956 would allow for a more modern film and camera which would render the color more accurately.  As with most things in life and modeling, the one piece of information needed will show up once the model is done.  I think it is referred to as “Murphy’s Law”.

mw side paint

I had shared a photo of the painted my boxcar and shared a picture with Lee Turner.  He came back with a suggestion of using a dark brown wash made by Vallejo.   The brown wash seems to work much better on light colors such as the yellow on my car.

vallejo wash

Washes are a diluted form of the normal Vallejo acrylic finish.  Lee suggested that I paint on the wash on a panel of the car.   Once this has dried, he suggested I use a small makeup wedge with just a touch of Mean Green (Walmat) or Simple Green to remove some of the wash.  The idea is to leave some of the wash on bolts and imperfection of the siding.  The key thing to remember is that the wash needs to be applied to a gloss finish.

mw first weathering

Lee suggested not using black or gray washes on light colors such as the yellow.  The color gets muddy.  The dark brown adds shadows and accents to details.   Once you are happy with the finish you can apply a clear gloss over the car.  Now you can apply the Protocraft decals

mw closeup

Norm Buckhart and I worked off the same photo of MWR 1287.  He did the decals and I built the model without any plans other than a Photoshop corrected side view.   The decals fit the model very well.  Sure a big change from the good old days of Champ or Microscale decals not fitting models.

mw decal initial

The decals were just applied and not even snugged down yet.   Once the lettering is done, a clear flat will be applied.  Weathering will be applied to finish up the model.

Next time, I will share pictures of the finished car.

Happy Trails,



8 thoughts on “MODELING: Muncie & Western Boxcar Build III

  1. Beautiful work Gene! I had missed the fact that you made the roof and underbody removable to make the painting easier.


  2. Fantastic assembly job and what a wonderfully detailed model. I love the nut/bolt detail in all of the braces. Wow!

  3. Gene,
    Great model as usual. Thanks for detailing your construction and painting/weathering techniques and for the excellent detail photos that are worth way more than a thousand words.

    May I ask the make and part number for the nut/bolt castings used on the side bracing?
    Bill Bear

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