ALCLAD II is a new product to me.   It is part of a product line familiar to many scale modelers building aircraft.   Many railroad modelers like Trevor Marshall and Jimmy Booth have used it for a long time.  I tried it out this afternoon.  It is different from my normal Testors or Model Masters flat lacquer.  It is slow to dry and slow to go flat.  That is a surprise to me.   The stuff is thin enough to shoot directly without thinning.  I did clean up with lacquer thinner.

allclad finish

The boxcar roof shown above was sprayed with the ALCLAD flat.  I had previously done several washes of Vallejo acrylics.  I like the end result of the flat finish.

alclad crossbook

Oh yes, the barber pole was shot with the flat as well.  I had painted the sign with Tamiya flat white, wash of black Vallejo wash and gloss sealer before decals were applied.  The decals are vintage Rick Leach silk screen printed decals.  The stripes were printed on an ALPS. The pole and crossbuck are styrene.   I built this for an article in Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association Mainstreeter magazine.

Happy Trails,


5 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCT: ALCLAD II

    • I purchased the flat finish at my local Hobbytown in Folsom. You might have more success if you find a hobby shop that stocks plastic airplane kits.


  1. I have tried the ALCLAD once. It took a full bottle to cover a Weaver E8. It did not cover so I stopped. I was trying to do the CB&Q Stainless color. Did not work.


  2. Hi Gene:
    I’m glad you tried it and liked it. I was surprised at just how flat the finish is with Alclad II. The first model I tried it on had some silvering on the decals that I just could not remove – I finally gave up, and sprayed the flat finish you’ve used here onto my model. The silvering disappeared. I’m a convert…
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    • Trevor’s
      Thanks to your blog post that I purchased the product. It really does work well. Can’the watch to try it out with my new VL airbrush.


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