MODELING: Airbrush Fitting Mystery

p compressor

Recently, my airbrush compressor seized so I ordered a replacement from  There were a few changes to the basic design.  The one change I didn’t expect was that the output connection is now a 1/8″ BSP male not the 1/4″ NPT male of the previous unit.   Well, I didn’t figure out the difference between a BSP and a NPT thread until after I tried to connect my trusty old Paasche airbrush.  My first move was to order an adapter for the Paasche airbrush.  US-made Paasche airbrushes use a NPT thread.   The adp fittingapter didn’t fit the BSP hose very well or the airbrush.   I did a little research and found that I should have paid attention to little connector detail.  This time I did a Google and found that there is a difference and that adapter fittings are readily available from Amazon.  Where else but Amazon?   You can see the little fitting on the black knob. Well, I may be the last person on the plant earth to realize this difference.


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6 thoughts on “MODELING: Airbrush Fitting Mystery

  1. “New and improved” probably fits this unit – of course “improved” is in the eye of the beholder!


  2. I’ve had this fun before, I’ve never used an “airbrushing” air compressor, I just use the 20 gallon tanked compressor in my garage so whenever i get a new airbrushing component the hunt for adapters begins… and hopefully they document what type of fitting it has (and they don’t always) otherwise you have to figure it out (or guess).

  3. Gene,
    Checkout Chicago Airbrush Supply. They have an amazing selection of airbrush widgets and fittings.
    John Cizmar

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