MODELING: Mather Car Done!

After several years of on and off building, I have finished my Muncie & Western Mather boxcar.  It has been a challenge given the lack of drawings.  Thankfully, any steam era Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) has all the critical dimensions and lots of photos were taken over the years.   As you would expect, a yellow boxcar with the image of a large jar on the door captured the attention of rail photographer of the 1930s through 1950s.

mather model side

mather model top

Happy Trails,




19 thoughts on “MODELING: Mather Car Done!

  1. Hey Gene
    This is really a very fine model . I’m fascinated that you have all the sheeting bolts in the middle of the boards and true to full scale alternate attachment on the uprights . Guess I better not try to get away with random lumps any more . Outstanding workmanship. Kind regards, Jeff Davies

    • Jeff
      I am simulating the nut and carriage bolts. I used Grandt Line #9 plastic parts. This part simulates the 7/8″ carriage bolts used to attach the tongue and groove siding to the exterior steel posts.

      Thank you,

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